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Marco Canetta & Stefania Niccolini


David Sitbon & Ulric


Zhanguo - The first empire
In each of the five rounds of the game, you’ll have to go along with the Emperor’s plans by hiring workers to build magnificent Palaces and contribute to the realization of the Great Wall. You will install Governors, with the support of Officers, in the various regions to consolidate control. You will send a ship in search of the elixir of long life so desired by the Emperor. With this, you will earn a place for your family’s insignia in the immense Terracotta Army that is destined to watch over the Emperor’s Mausoleum for eternity. To help you in this challenging task, 6 cards will be at your disposal every round. These cards represent the will of unification from the Emperor in the form of currency, writings, and laws. They will give you permanent support during the rest of the game or you can play them directly to the Emperor’s Court to obtain approval for your actions.
When you are in the presence of the Emperor at his Court, you will have to know how to approach or move away appropriately, because only at the right distance can you obtain the emperor’s approval.
At the end of the game, the player who made the greatest contribution to the Emperor’s cause by scoring the most Victory Points will win.

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