Gigamic as founded in 1991. Settled in Northen France, the company began by publishing the famous abstract game Quarto, our range now extends from abstract games to card games, family games and party games.

Funnyfox is a board game studio set up in 2019 inside Hachette Livre Group. The studio’s editorial line focuses on casual game and gateway games to play with friends and family. Funnyfox games are distributed by Gigamic in France and abroad.

Sorry We Are French is a French boardgame development studio. We design and publish boardgames. Our studio, a division of Hachette Livre, has developed several game ranges: from development / board building to narrative games. Our team is made up of collaborators with more than 20 years of experience in the world of board games. 

Oka Luda war formed around 3 good game lovers… Good karma has been with us during all this wonderful adventure! We continue to surf this beautiful wave for our next games, keeping a positive and humane attitude through all our practices and exchanges. We have also formed a partnership with Planète Urgence, a non-profit association that replants trees.

Fractal Juegos is a board game publisher from Chile. Fractal Juegos has localized to Spanish titles such as Takenoko, Draftosaurus, The Mind, Toma 6, Tiny Towns, Planet, etc. They has also developed original titles such as Corruptia, Tough Calls, Tori-tori Endangered Species, Simplicity and the new version of Sanssouci..

Playagame Edizioni is a Italian games publisher, based in Imola (near Bologna). Main focus is on localizing quality games for the italian market and, starting from 2022, we started with original publications.

Studio H

Formed by media publisher Hachette Livre with former Matagot president Hicham Ayoub Bedran at the helm, Studio H will debut in the games market in 2019, with titles distributed by Gigamic.