About us

Founded in 1991

Founded by three brothers in 1991, Gigamic built its name with Quarto – our first game – which has now sold over 1.000.000 units all over the world!

Abstract Line

In 1994 followed Pylos and Quixo, and finally Quoridor in 1997. Easy to learn, hard to master, the Gigamic abstract line quickly became a reference for players looking for a solid strategic two players experience.


Not only Katamino is our best seller worldwide, it is also the most satisfying and universal game in our catalog.


 Landed at Gigamic in 2002, the Katamino range spans from flat puzzles for children and the face-to-face frenzy of Katamino Family to the meditative 500 puzzles of the classic version of Katamino .

Expanding our range

Recently, we have grown our range with cards, family and party games. Thanks to a very careful selection and great game designers and illustrators, we now have a catalog comprising more than 35 titles to reach any type of player on the planet!


Fancy a strategy face-off, or looking to bluff and backstabb your friends? Need clever educational games for little ones, or a relaxing card game ? We have a game for each type of player and every age.


is all it takes to explain the majority of our games. On this website, we provide you with great advice on how to demo our games quickly and efficiently, without losing your customer’s attention.


Yes, we are lucky, we know that. We have a network of fantastic partners, all over the world. They’re putting our games in the hands of many different people and cultures. It’s a beautiful thing.