For The Story - One Heist Too Many

Gateway Games


Nicolas Le Vif


The Creation Studio & Camille Pradère


Friends. Cards. Your star team !

Your characters have just successfully pulled of a high-risk heist. You made off with the goods but, less than 48 hours later, you are nailed by the cops. Somebody snitched for sure!

Each of you chooses one of the 10 available characters (the Hacker, the Demolition expert, the Insider…) and let the questions on the cards guide you into telling a common story.

Over a few game turns, you will have told a tale of action, intrigue, and adrenalin…right up to your capture.

For, like your partners in crime, you are now at the hands of the police. And you need to ask yourself the one true question:

Will you sell your partners to the cops or will you keep silent at the risk of someone else betraying you?


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