For The Story - On Air

Gateway Games


Nicolas Carré


Jonathan Aucomte


Friends. Cards. Become famous !

You play a participant in a TV reality show. Your life is managed by the prod. Each week a vote takes place and decides who leaves the adventure…


Your group cannot leave the filming area. You are on air day an night. Daily, each of you is isolated from the rest of the group to answer questions. Imagine your character from head to toe thanks to the clothes and accessories on the 8 two-sided Casting cards and join one of the suggested Filming stages (deserted island, villa, loft, yacht) or one of your own invention. Then left the questions on the cards guide you.


Over the course of a few turns, you will have collectively told the daily life of the participants until there is only one: the winner!


Beware though: eliminated participants continue to vote until the last moment. Will they bear grudges?

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