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💗 SHARE EXCITING MOMENTS TOGETHER: a game that helps you (re)discover each other, that enhances your relationship and deepens your bond.

☀️ GET TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER BETTER: 144 original questions specially designed for you to take the time to really listen to each other and develop an in-depth understanding. The best way to build a happy, fulfilling relationship.

🥰 KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE: break out of your routine and share laughs, fond memories, secret desires and crazy dreams.

🌺 DISCOVER NEW PERSONALITY TRAITS: 4 categories of questions (“Us,” “Inner Self,” “Popcorn” and “Sexy”) that will help you learn more about your partner.

💕 A GAME TO PLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN: on the sofa, while having a drink, by the fireplace… DIMOI Couples is the ideal original gift for your partner and all the couples you know.


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