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Xavier Violeau


Pauline Berdal


Find the naughty doudou before nightfall!

Doudou is a cooperative investigative game for age 3 and up, for 1 to 4 detectives, for games around 5 minutes.
In Doudou, the children cooperate to find the blankie who did them a farce and where he hid himself in the bedroom before the night falls. In order to do that, the naughty blankie left 7 clues cards that children can use.
Each turn, a player picks a clue card and asks one question on the blankie or on the hiding place. Then, the player checks the answer thanks to a self-correcting “magic” card and it’s the next player’s turn.
The game ends when the players have used all their clues. The players win when they can find the blankie in its hiding place.


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